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Aqua Vitae


Aqua Vitae

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  • Lindores have managed to imaginatively recreate an inquisitively versatile spirit that dates back to 1494 and was produced at the Old Lindores Abbey. The multi award winning Aqua Vitae (water of life) is distilled in pot stills and then infused with a range of home-grown herbs and spices. Delicious as a mixed drink or as a cocktail base, so why not try it in a Ginger Highball or use it to pimp up a hot chocolate or cup of coffee during the winter months... Slainte Mhath!

    • Location: Fife, Scotland
    • Vol: 70cl
    • ABV: 40%
    • Type: Botanical Spirit
    • What They Say: Complex and rewarding, with notes of peach and pear, hints of spice and a rich caramel sweetness 
    • What We Say: Lots of sweet and spice, great in a Highball and perfect for changing up some classic cocktails.
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