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Charlie's Classic Cocktails Gift Pack


Charlie’s Classic Cocktail 3 Pack

  • Charlie’s Classic Cocktails are the best classic cocktails you have ever tried at home, being all about simplicity, honesty and authentic taste! These cocktails come with a Signature Spritz (which Charlie himself is particularly proud of) that provides the freshness and aromas of a garnish without the effort... Choose your Pack:

    1. The Rusty Nail - This version combines Drambuie and the Compass Box Glasgow Blend Scotch, which delivers a subtle level of peat to a complex but easy to drink cocktail. This comes with a Lemon Signature Spritz.

    2. The Manhattan - claimed by some to be the greatest cocktail in the world and Charlie uses Woodford Reserve (a deliciously complex Kentucky straight bourbon), along with Martini Rosso to compliment but not overpower, along with Angostura bitters that off-set any sweetness. This comes with an Orange Signature Spritz

    3. The Old Fashioned - The original cocktail, with the perfect balance of Demerara sugar, Angostura Bitters and dilution, allowing the Woodford Reserve (a deliciously complex Kentucky straight bourbon) to shine through. This comes with an Orange Signature Spritz

    4. The Mix Pack - Why choose, when you can get all three... Enjoy one of each of Charlie’s Classic whisky cocktails, with this pack that provides a 100ml bottle of Rusty Nail, Manhattan and Old Fashioned

    Charlie has put in all the work, so you don’t have to... Just chill, pour, spritz and enjoy. Cheers!

    • Location: UK
    • Vol: 3 x 10cl
    • ABV:20%
    • What They Say: Simple, complex, delicious
    • What we say: A mini journey in to whisky cocktails... Explore
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