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Mackmyra Intelligens - AI:02


Mackmyra Intelligens - AI:02

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  • Think Terminator 2 technology, but this time it’s for the good of humanity! Take award winning recipes, use Microsoft and Fourkind powered Artificial Intelligence and then whittle down 70 million options to just a handful. Bring in the master blender to assess and chose the final expression. The end result is the second release of the world’s first whisky created by AI; a fruity whisky with flavours of toffee, creamy vanilla, pear, toasted oak and apple. Skål!

    • Location: Gävle, Sweden
    • Vol: 70cl
    • ABV: 46.1%
    • Type: Swedish Single Malt Whisky
    • What They Say: An elegent, fruity whisky
    • What We Say: I’ll be back... for another one of these!
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