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Mackmyra Limousin

Mackmyra Limousin

SKU: SfH010MaLi
  • One of the most luxurious Mackmyra whiskies to date that is a blend of fruitiness and playfulness. Exquisite ex- cognanc casks capture the essence of this whisky, although older oloroso and casks saturated with berry wines create further intrigue. Flavours of vanilla, sweet almonds, dried fruit and dark chocolate... Sköl

    • Location: Sweden
    • Vol: 10cl
    • ABV: 46.1%  
    • Type: SwedishSingle Malt Whisky  
    • Cask: Ex Cognac, Oloros and wine soaked
    • What They Say: Most Luxurious Whisky to date
    • What we say: Intruigingly delicious
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