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Sonoma Cherrywood Smoked Bourbon


Sonoma Cherrywood Smoked Bourbon

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  • The Sonoma Distilling Company, founded in 2010, was born out of Adam Spiegel’s love for the Californian wine country and his desire to craft authentic and unpretentious products steeped in traditional values, whilst being fuelled by the ever-evolving needs of the modern palate. The team are continually learning and striving to raise the quality of their products, and this Cherrywood smoked Bourbon is a perfect illustration of this. Made of 67% Californian corn, 20% Californian Rye and 13% cherrywood smoked Barley, this is a standout Bourbon that offers flavours of cocktail cherries, oak, spice and a hint of smoke. Cheers!

    • Location: California, USA  
    • Volume: 10cl  
    • ABV: 47.8%  
    • Type: Bourbon  
    • Cask: American Oak  
    • What They Say: A balanced smoked expression, neither too heavy nor too light  
    • What We Say: A Whisky Nest favourite; deliciously drinkable
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