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Starward Fortis Signature


Starward Fortis Signature

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  • Meaning ‘brave or bold,’ Fortis is a full bodied, full flavoured whisky that is bottled at 50% ABV and is fully matured in American Oak barrels, predominantly from the Barossa Valley. Big reds like Cabernet and Shiraz were the former occupants of these barrels and offer a fuller, richer mouth feel, along with notes of vanilla pods, quince, chocolate ganache, Muscadelle raisin, cinnamon and banana bread.  Cheers mate!

    • Location: Melbourne, Australia  
    • Vol: 10cl  
    • ABV: 50%                                                                 
    • Type: Australian Single Malt Whisky  
    • Cask: American Oak  
    • What They Say: Spectacular sipped straight and savoured 
    • What We Say: Full and Deep... Submerse yourself in this one!
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