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The One Moscatel Wine Cask Finish


The One Moscatel Wine Cask Finish

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  • The latest cask finished expression of The One fine blended whisky, is finished in hand selected Moscatel wine casks from southern Spain. Moscatel wine is made from grapes in the Cadiz province of Andalucía, with the sun-drying process giving rise to fresh and floral characters. It is similar to PX although less sweet creating an uplifting and fragrant whisky, with notes of jasmine, honeyed fruits, citrus and vanilla that all leads to a clean, smooth finish. Only 4,822 bottles released in the UK… Cheers!

    • Location: The Lake District, England  
    • Vol: 10cl  
    • ABV: 46.6%  
    • Type: Blended Whisky  
    • Cask: Ex-sherry oak casks  
    • Finish: Moscatel wine casks  
    • What They Say: Delicate, creamy, smooth and lingering. Easy to drink on its own but versatile enough to enjoy in a refreshing highball or cocktail  
    • What We Say: Grapes and lakes coming together to make one beautiful, blended whisky
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