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World Whisky Blend


World Whisky Blend

SKU: SfH070WoWh
  • That Boutique-Y Whisky Company is an award-winning bottler of craft whiskies from around the world. We love the creative labels that are witty and informative, providing a story about each distillery built on facts, folklore, and quirky stories. This time they have brought together the world’s most innovative craft distillers, to create a truly harmonious blend. A celebration of how the world now drinks whisky, this is designed for mixing and is recommended in a high ball with ginger ale, coconut water, green tea, or soda water. Cheers, slainte, proost, skol, Na Zhorovie, salud!

    • Location: Planet Earth  
    • Vol: 70cl  
    • ABV: 41.6%  
    • Type: Blended Whisky  
    • What They Say: Baked apple pie with brown sugar and ice cream  
    • What We Say: The world of whisky is awesome!
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