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A group friends who all have a passion for whisky, discovered the new world of whisky and decided to explore.


As part of this exploration, we undertook several courses with the Edinburgh Whisky Association and are proud to say we have obtained certificates in the following: 

  • An Introduction to Whisky - Covering all aspects of whisky; from the history, the business, and an in-depth look at the whisky making process. 

  • Focus on Flavour - Uncovering where the flavours come from during whisky production and maturation

For us, New World whisky is all about respecting tradition whilst having fun and pushing the boundaries; with a focus on sustainability, alternative production methods, and new and varied drinks and drinking options. 

We firmly believe that whisky is a drink for everyone! Gone are the days of ‘whisky snobbery’ where it’s frowned upon if you drink your whisky any way other than neat. Whisky is a drink to be explored and enjoyed, whether that means

drinking it neat, long, in a cocktail, or all three!


We thought it would be great to get more like-minded people to join us on this journey... And so The Whisky Nest was born.


The Whisky Nest is all about fun whisky discovery; showing the depth and diversity of the new world of whisky and those making it, and sharing it with the more diverse groups who are now discovering this marvellous malt.

We provide one place - ‘a Nest’ - where people can access every aspect of the whisky experience, from tasting new and varied whiskies, experimenting with drinking options and cocktails, and discovering unique gifts.

We have formed partnerships with handpicked distilleries and suppliers from all over the world so our customers can experience the very best of the new world of whisky.

Our whisky subscription provides our members with a Triple Measure (100ml) sample of new world

whisky each month, specially selected from one of our partner distilleries. 100ml of whisky allows for a true exploration of each spirit, giving people the freedom to experiment and find their favourite serve; be that neat, long, in a cocktail, or all three!

It is also ideal for sharing. And from under £17.00 per month, it offers great value per ml of whisky.

Our online Shop is the home of New World whisky, featuring whiskies from Britain, Europe, and the rest of the world. We’ve selected our favourite whiskies from distilleries that we know and love, resulting in a curated collection that guarantees to impress the experienced whisky drinker while also enticing the novices into the new world of whisky.





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All the distilleries we work with have a focus on sustainability; sustainable farming and distillation, recycling, reducing carbon footprint, and reducing packaging.


Our own boxes, filling, and packaging are made from 100% recycled material. We use minimal plastics (which are recycled/recyclable) only to meet standards set by delivery partners, and we have reduced paper usage by moving to e-Tasting Cards, e-Gift Certificates and e-Gift Cards. 


We also promise to continually assess our processes and make changes to be more sustainable in the future. 

So leave your preconceptions at the door, step inside, and experience the very best of the new world of whisky. Welcome to The Whisky Nest.

We provide the tools... You make the rules!

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