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One of the things we find most exciting about whisky is the depth and diversity of the new world of whisky and those making it. This is why we’re proud to work with new world whisky distilleries from all across the world, showcasing the very best of what world whisky producers have to offer.


    For us, the new world of whisky is all about respecting tradition whilst pushing the boundaries. That’s why we want to make it easier to buy the very best of World whisky. We work with whisky distilleries from all over the world to source the finest new world whisky. We’ve explored regions such as America, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and India to discover the very best of World whisky.

    Browse our online shop to discover diverse and complex whiskies from Taiwan, alongside sublime single malts from New Zealand. You’ll also find deliciously balanced whisky from Australia, and American bourbons steeped in traditional values.

    If you’re looking to discover New World whisky brands, or to buy New World whisky online, The Whisky Nest is the destination of choice for the very best of world whisky.

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