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We are proud to work with some of the finest distilleries in the USA to bring our customers a handpicked selection of the very best of American whisky.


At The Whisky Nest, our aim is to make it easier to buy the finest American whisky: that’s why we work with handpicked whisky distilleries from the USA to source the best American whisky and bring it to our online shop.

We’ve selected our favourite American whiskies from distilleries that we know and love, resulting in a curated collection that guarantees to impress the experienced whisky drinker whilst also enticing the novices into the world of American whisky. Be sure to check out our products from The Sanoma Distilling Company, based in California, USA. Their all-American ethos sees them craft authentic and unpretentious American whisky steeped in traditional values, whilst being fuelled by the ever-evolving needs of the modern palate. Or you might want to try the American whisky that has been called the smokiest of all the New World whiskies.

We also have products by Copperworks: this American whisky distillery are thought leaders who cemented American Single malt as a category in the USA.

If you’re looking to discover new American whisky brands, or to buy American whisky online, The Whisky Nest is the destination of choice for the very best American whisky. 

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