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A drink that dates back to the late 1800s, it is a refreshing way to drink your favourite dram nice and long, making it  perfect for sundowners or any time you please (although breakfast could be pushing it). It is simply whisky and sparkling water with a slice of lemon and some mint leaves (if so desired). Originally made with soda water, there are now multiple options depending on what you prefer.

  • The Classic Highball - whisky & soda/sparkling water

  • Ginger Highball - whisky & ginger ale

  • Vanilla Highball - whisky & cream soda

  • Apple Highball - whisky & apple Presse

  • Black Flower - peaty whisky & elderflower presse



50ml Whisky (drink of choice - whisky, whiskey, bourbon, rye or blended)

100-150ml mixer

Lemon wedge/slice or strip of lemon zest

Mint leaves





Fill a (Highball) glass with ice, add the whisky and the mixer of choice,

garnish and stir... Then sit back and enjoy!

High Down
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