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Some people never fulfil a dream, others wait a lifetime for everything to be right before they take the plunge. Luckily, the New World of Whisky is filled with stories of pursuing a dream and our next founder did it exactly that. Max, for many years, had wanted to make a whisky that captured the provenance of Derbyshire, and a collection of events allowed many small steps to be taken towards the distillery dream becoming a reality. Since their first Wire Works whisky was released in 2022, there has been a great response, with further releases and awards there after…


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The Story


Back in 2016, there was a striking absence of all the things required for a distillery; no premises, partners, staff, permits, insufficient experience and a lack of funding. Yet, amidst these humble beginnings, Max had a dream that had been nurtured over the years, of crafting whisky in the heart of his beloved Derbyshire. Fortune smiled upon him as he crossed paths with several investors who wholeheartedly embraced his vision, and serendipity brought two exceptional distillers into his life. These pivotal moments allowed Max to cement his plans and move his past aspirations, his dreams, his passion into future possibilities.


The question of where, was never in doubt, as it was always to be amidst the breath-taking landscapes of Derbyshire and the Peak District where they would find a home for their endeavour. A stroke of serendipity early on, meant they found the former Johnson & Nephew Wire Works (hence the name of the whisky) at Ambergate, near Belper. Nestled alongside a meandering river within an ancient woodland, a site steeped in a storied past and so extraordinary that it is a World Heritage Site.


White Peak Distillery stands proudly as the first full-scale craft distillery in Derbyshire, dedicated to the art of creating acclaimed whisky, gin and rum that exemplify the regions rich heritage. In their relentless pursuit of flavour, they delve into every intricate facet of the whisky-making process, carefully selecting local brewer’s yeast, mixing with water from the river Derwent and intertwining with an exceptionally long fermentation period. They use Copper Pot Stills that were meticulously handcrafted to exact specifications that bring forth an alchemy and yields a new make of exceptional quality, brimming with character. 


They acknowledge the importance of the casks used and choose those from family-owned businesses, where fostering meaningful relationships is paramount. To ensure the provenance of Derbyshire can impart a truly unique character on to their spirits, all their whiskies are distilled and matured on site. 


To learn more about the Distillery and the processes used, please use the button below:


The Whisky - A Focus on Flavour and Provenance!


Every stage of the whisky process has been considered to ensure they respect tradition but put their own Derbyshire marker on the whisky. Although a house-style has yet to be finalised, they use peated barley and a combination of STR wine and ex-bourbon casks for maturation to produce a complex and well-balanced whisky that is lightly peated, with notes of fruit, bonfire toffees and sweet vanilla, with a rich mouth feel and long finish. 


All their whiskies are small batch releases, and they have experimented with various release and finishes including rum, double oak port and virgin oak.


Caduro - Is an award-winning, limited-Edition that is meticulously aged in a harmonious fusion of American and French oak casks. Comprising of first fill ex-bourbon and their distinctive STR casks, which contribute to the distinct character of this exceptional whisky. The calculated proportions of STR to French oak imparts an additional layer of luscious fruitiness and heightened intensity to the subtly peated essence of this whisky.

The Journey


Our members will be enjoying 100ml of the award-winning Wire Works Caduro in June, which captures the very essence of this wonderful English distillery and there will be a live tasting with Tom from the distillery on 27th June at 8pm on InstaGram.


Join us now on The Journey for your chance to enjoy 100ml of this wonderful whisky from under £17.50 per month, or head to The Shop if you would prefer to buy a single 100ml or full-size bottle.

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