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The 5 Best Christmas Cocktails - Simple and Delicious

Whisky Cocktails can not only be delicious, but simple to make, very varied, and offer a great way to share and explore whisky. In this blog post, we will share with you our 5 favourite whisky cocktails that you can easily make at home, so this Christmas you can impress your guests by making these simple and delicious cocktails. Whether a whisky novice or an expert, you will find something here that everyone will love!

1. The Highball: A refreshing and easy-to-make whisky cocktail, suitable for any occasion and a great way to ease in to an afternoon session. Simply fill a highball glass with ice, add 60ml of whisky, and top up the glass with tonic, soda or sparkling water. For a slightly sweeter drink, you can add a splash of lemon or lime juice, or mix it up with a dash or two of bitters. A traditional Highball uses Scotch Whisky, but you can mix it up by experimenting with Irish Whiskey, Bourbon or Rye. Our current favourite is a Whisky Ryeball; using Kyrö Malt Rye and Cherry Soda... Incredible!

2. The Old Fashioned: A timeless classic, the old fashioned is perfect for those who like their drinks on the sweeter side. First, you'll need to select your whisky; a peaty whisky will add a nice smoky edge to your cocktail, a bourbon brings a bit more spice, while a lighter single malt whisky will be more refreshing. Add a simple syrup or sugar cube to your glass, along with some bitters and a splash of your chosen whisky. Muddle (mix) the ingredients together, top up with more whisky, add a large chunk of ice and garnish with a cherry and an orange slice. We love making these with Sonoma Cherrywood Smoked Bourbon... Amazing!

3. The Hot Toddy: A whisky cocktail that is traditionally served in cold weather, so perfect this time of year. This drink is made by combining whisky, honey, and hot water, and it can be garnished with a slice of lemon or a cinnamon stick. While the exact origins of the hot toddy are unknown, the drink has been enjoyed for centuries and is believed to have medicinal properties; as the warmth of the whisky and the honey helps to soothe a sore throat, while the lemon provides Vitamin C. It's very simple to make too, just pour whisky into a mug, add honey and lemon juice to taste, top off the mug with boiling water and stir everything together.

You can use any type of whisky you like, but we love ours with a lightly peated whisky (such as M&H Elements Peated Cask) that gives the drink a lovely smoky flavour. Then just sit back, relax, and enjoy your hot toddy!

4. The Manhattan: A classy cocktail that is traditionally made with rye, sweet vermouth, and bitters. However, many variations of the drink exist, and it can just as easily be made with bourbon or single malt whisky. The key to making a perfect Manhattan is to find the right balance of sweet and bitter flavours. Start by adding 60ml of whisky to a glass filled with ice. Then, add 30ml of sweet vermouth and a dash of bitters. For a final touch, garnish the drink with a cherry or a twist of lemon peel. This classic cocktail is sure to hit the spot and we love using Sailors Home The Haven Irish Whiskey and sweet Vermouth for this one... Delicious!

5. The Irish Coffee: The first Irish coffee was made in the early 1940s and is a great whisky cocktail with a strong, rich flavour and the perfect drink for a cold winters night. Traditionally, an Irish coffee is made with just a few simple ingredients: whiskey, coffee, sugar, and cream. Start by heating up a mug of coffee, then add whisky to taste. For a traditional Irish coffee, use an Irish whiskey, but any dram will suffice. Next, add a spoonful of sugar and stir until dissolved. Finally, top off the drink with a layer of fresh cream. The cream will float on top of the coffee and create a rich, decadent flavour. For an extra touch of luxury, garnish your Irish coffee with a sprinkle of cocoa powder or cinnamon. We love this with an Aqua Vitae from Lindores... Wonderfully Different!

We hope you enjoy our 5 Best Christmas Cocktails that are easy to make at home and perfect for sharing this winter. They are ideal for impressing yourself, your friends and your family this season. Let us know which one is your favourite, in the comments below!

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