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Cardrona Day Release - Otago Pinot Cask (Bottle 309)

A very Limited Release whisky from The Cardrona Distillery in New Zealand, to celebrate their 7th Birthday and the new reason to celebrate 5th November... Cardrona Day! 

Cardrona Day Release - Otago Pinot Cask (Bottle 309)

£174.95 Regular Price
£148.71Sale Price
  • Nestled in the stunning Southern Alps of New Zealand, Cardrona is a grain to glass distillery that respects tradition, whilst pushing the boundaries to create a modern icon. This year we celebrated their 7th Birthday and this whisky (one of only 1,217 bottles released) marks the occasion of Cardrona Day. Using an exquisite marriage of four hand selected Pinot Noir casks from Felton Road that were at their peak of balance between spirit and wood, this extraordinary whisky provides notes of dried raspberries, tinned nectarines, toffee, toasted almonds and sweet spices! A very limited edition, so get one whislt you can... Kia ora

    • Location: New Zealand    
    • Vol: 70cl  
    • ABV: 52%  
    • Type: Single Malt Whisky  
    • Cask: Ex-Pinot Noir (Felton Road) 
    • What They Say: An extraordinary dram from a new world master
    • What we say: Worth Waiting for... 
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