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Cooper King Pilot Series New Make


Cooper King Pilot Series New Make

SKU: SfH070CoPi
  • An inspirational story, a focus on sustainability and quality becomes beautifully captured in this wonderfully light and fruity New Make. 100% floor-malted Maris Otter barley is double-distilled in a unique 900-litre Tasmanian copper pot still to produce a spirit that has so much potential, yet can already be enjoyed neat, long or as the base for your favourite cocktail. Cheers!

    • Location: Yorkshire, England
    • Vol: 50cl
    • ABV: 47%
    • Type: New Make
    • What They Say: Sweet barley, fruit, toffee, maltiness with a long finish 
    • What We Say: Fantastically fruity New Make. Can’t wait to try the Whisky
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