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Explorers Gift Box

For that special person that loves trying something new, the Explorers Gift Box makes the perfect gift for any special occasion. Choose between our Gin alternative Box or our Whisky Box, each providing 2 x 100ml Sample Bottles of delicious spirits from the New World of Whisky!

The giftee will also receive a FREE welome pack that includes a Glencairn Glass, Mixer, Mini Biters and Tasting Log Book...

Explorers Gift Box

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  • This is the perfect Gift Box to explore New World Spirits,  with 2 Triple Measure bottles... Perfect for exploring and for sharing!

    Gin Box - For anyone that loves a Gin, this Gift Box contains 2 bottles of wonderful Gin alternatives: 

    • Lindores Aqua Vitae is an imaginative recreation of the water of life, infusing home-grown herbs and spices to create a spirit that works wonderfully as an alternative for your favourite gin-based long drinks and cocktails.
    • Nc'nean Botanical Spirit is experimental and boudary pushing, combining 10 organic botanicals to create flavours of pepper, spice and dark fruits, making it the perfect alternative to Gin.

    Whisky Box - For someone that loves a Whisky, this Gift Box contains 2 bottles of Whisky from the New World that use Elemental Maturation to capture maximum flavour in minimum time:

    • M&H Classic comes from an urban distillery in Tel Aviv that is guided by Scottish standards but innovates the Israeli way to produce flavours that include vanilla, caramel, honey and oak!
    • Starward Fortis is a full bodied Whisky from Melbourne, Australia, which captures flavours from some big red wine casks to provide notes of vanilla, chocolate ganache, raisin, cinnamon and banana bread!

    FREE Welcome Box including:

    Glencairn Glass, Mini Bitters, Mixer and Log Book

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