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2017 Man O’ Sword Founders' Selection


2017 Man O’ Sword Founders' Selection

  • Under the guidance of a renowned whisky legend, Annandale used their award winning peated new make to fill STR (Shaved, Toasted and Recharred) Ex-Burgundy casks. These casks not only held fine French Burgundy for 7-years, but following the unique STR process, also held Oloroso Sherry. After only 8-months in the cask there were already stunning flavours imparted on the spirit, so now at 3-years this single malt provides a peat explosion with creamy, fruity, peppery notes. Slainte Mhath!

    • Location: Annan, Scotland
    • Vol: 70cl
    • ABV: 60%
    • Type: Single Malt
    • Cask: STR Ex-Burgundy
    • What They Say: A huge peat explosion, earthy notes, vanilla, peach and a tickle of black pepper
    • What We Say: Lovely smokiness that disguises the cask strength, could easily sip this all night
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