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Kyrö Malt Rye


Kyrö Malt Rye

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  • From a dream in a sauna, developing their own way to make whisky and then ageing through dark winters and long bright summers, Kyro have created a whisky you have never tasted before. Using 100% malted Rye, a wholegrain approach that gives intense spiceness, smoothened out through double distillation, before ageing in bold new American Oak Casks. All this creates flavours of sweet rye bread, vanilla, caramel and a smooth peppery finish... Kippis! 

  • Location: Finland

    Vol: 100ml

    ABV: 47.2%

    Type: Finnish Single Batch Rye

    Cask: American Oak

    What They Say: A whisky you have never tasted before

    What We Say: Earthy Rye and spiceness that we have definitely not tasted before!

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