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Mackmyra - Lost Drams Whisky Gift Box

The perfect Whisky Gift Box for any occassion!

Mackmyra are a Swedish based distillery who are pioneers in the New World of Whisky. Using innovative techniques for production and maturation, they have produced some truly wonderful whiskies that are no longer available, or extremely limited in availability. Luckily, we have access to three of these whiskies for you in this Limited Edition Gift Box. 

Mackmyra - Lost Drams Whisky Gift Box

  • Mackmyra Mando Diao - I solnedgången (50.7% ABV) 

    Part of Mackmyra’s Private Cask selection, collaborated with the Swedish band Mando Diao to celebrate uncompromising craftsmanship and Swedish tones. The band chose a whisky with a smoky recipe that was matured in a 200-litre ex-bourbon cask, providing notes of smokiness, sweet vanilla, salty toffee, almonds and a hint of mint. A delicious combination of smoke and sweet!

    Mackmyra Äppelblom (46.1%)

    A seasonal releases, Äppelblom is an elegant single malt whisky finished in saturated oak casks that previously held Calvados (apple or pear Brandy) from Christian Drouin. Lighter apple tones fuse with richer apple flavours from the Calvados and a generous oak character, which creates a wonderfully spicy balance. Notes of apple, ripe pear, citrus, almond toffee, pepper, ginger, cedar wood and spice are all present. This is a glass of Swedish Pecan Pie!

    Mackmyra TWN Single Cask (41.2%)

    An 8-year-old dram, exclusive to TWN, that should impress the experienced palate and entice the novice. The elegant recipe fully releases the oakiness of the cask, resulting in a whisky with notes of citrus fruit, spices, pepper, nuts, dark fruits, wine and chocolate. Deliciously complex, but very easy drinking...

  • This Gift Box Includes 3 x 100ml Bottles of the Following Whiskies:

    Mackmyra Mando Diao - I solnedgången (50.7% ABV) - 100ml 

    Mackmyra Äppelblom (46.1%) - 100ml

    Mackmyra TWN Single Cask (41.2%) - 100ml

    FREE - Glencairn Glass

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