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Paul John 6-Year Indian Single Malt


Paul John 6-Year Indian Single Malt

SKU: SfH050PaJo
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  • That Boutique-Y Whisky Company is an award winning bottler of craft whiskies from around the world. We love the creative labels that are witty and informative, providing a story about each distillery built on facts, folklore and quirky stories. The Paul John distillery is situated in the tropical Goa region of southern india, which contributes to more interaction with the cask during the maturation phase and a higher angels share (evaporation from the cask) than normal (8-10%). Using Indian 6-row barley, they produce a whisky with a strong peat smell that doesn’t fully translate in the taste, but lots of tropical fruit, nutty and spicy notes are there to be enjoyed. Ciyarsa!

    • Location: Goa, India  
    • Vol: 50cl  
    • ABV: 52.9%  
    • Type: Indian Single Malt Whisky  
    • Cask: Ex. Bourbon Oak  
    • What They Say: Lovely smoky peat, sweet caramel, and chocolate chip ice cream  
    • What We Say: The peat plays tricks with you in this one
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