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Penderyn Hiraeth


Penderyn Hiraeth

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  • Hiraeth (pronounced He-Rith) is from their Icons of Wales series, which celebrates Welsh culture and heritage, and although the word is difficult to translate, Hiraeth is about a deep longing for something, especially ones home. It is a more experimental whisky, using mainly whisky from pot stills that gives it a lighter colour but a heavier, more full-bodied style. A very small cut is used for this whisky, but it is also combined with a little of the ‘house style’ Faraday Still whisky that is matured in STR casks. Light and fruity, but offering up more fragrance and mouth-feel than the usual Penderyn style, with notes of melon, vanilla and spices. Lechyd da!

    • Location: Penderyn, Wales
    • Vol: 10cl
    • ABV: 46%
    • Type: Single Malt whisky
    • Cask: Ex-Bourbon & STR
    • What They Say: Experimental, delicious, and different
    • What We Say: Difficult to pronounce, but so easy to drink!
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