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Sonoma 2nd Chance Wheat


Sonoma 2nd Chance Wheat

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  • First First introduced back in 2012, this is one of Sonoma’s earlier releases. Using their more traditional methods, which includes double distilling in their alembic pot still, along with maturation in casks that previously held their rye spirit; they are able to get the most flavour from this subtle grain. Produced using 80% unmalted wheat and 20% malted rye, which is then aged in a refill oak barrel, this whiskey has notes of toffee, vanilla, spicy fruit, butterscotch and orange peel. Cheers!

    • Location: California, USA  
    • Volume: 10cl  
    • ABV: 47.1%  
    • Type: Wheat Whiskey  
    • Cask: American Oak  
    • What They Say: Sea flavours, obvious wheat notes and spice  
    • What We Say: Light and very different
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