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Starward Left-Field


Starward Left-Field

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  • Relentless innovation from Starward has merged old world techniques to produce an approachable and versatile new world whisky. Left-field is very unique to Starward, only using 100% French oak, celebrating the barrels that have contained some of Australia’s biggest and boldest red wines. Smooth and delicious, it was deliberately crafted to be enjoyed however you want... Notes of tropical fruits, red berries, ginger beer, vanilla and toasted oak.  Cheers mate! 

    • Location: Melbourne, Australia  
    • Vol: 10cl  
    • ABV: 40%                                                                 
    • Type: Single Malt Whisky  
    • Cask: Australian Red Wine (French Oak)  
    • What They Say: Crafted to be mixed with anything or nothing. Drink it your way!  
    • What We Say: Fruit and spice, perfect for mixing!
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