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The Whisky Nest Founders Whisky No.28

The Whisky Nest Founders Whisky No.28

SKU: SfH050WhFo
£74.95 Regular Price
£63.71Sale Price
  • For our Founding members we wanted a perfect dram from a distillery who epitomised the new world of whisky. The private cask program at Mackmyra allowed us to find a delightful, 8-year old dram that would impress the experienced whisky drinker and entice the novice in to the new world. The elegant recipe fully releases the oakiness of the cask, resulting in a whisky with notes of citrus fruit, spices, pepper, nuts, dark fruits, wine and chocolate. Deliciously complex, but very easy drinking... Skål

    • Location: Sweden  
    • Vol: 50cl  
    • ABV: 41.2% 
    • Type: Single Malt Swedish Whisky  
    • Cask: Ex-Oloroso
    • What They Say: Sweet, round and mellow
    • What We Say: Captures the new world perfectly
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