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Unpeated Rascally Liquor


Unpeated Rascally Liquor

  • A clear spirit made from three ingredients (100% malted barley, water & yeast) that after 3-years in a barrel could be called whisky. However, the twin copper pot distillation at Annandale produces this spirit that is already full of character and good enough to drink now. Drink it neat, long or as the base for your favourite cocktail. Slainte

    • Location: Annan, Scotland
    • Vol: 50cl
    • ABV: 46%
    • Type: New Make
    • What They Say: Full cereal flavours, Porridge, flapjacks, malted milk biscuits 
    • What We Say: Why wait, when it’s already good enough to drink. Great way to mix up your favourite cocktail
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