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The classic hot toddy, a beverage made of liquor, hot water, sugar, and spice, dates back to the late 1700s. Whether drinking to stay warm, to relax, or as a wonder cure for most ailments, this simple drink is an experience that should be savoured. Our modern version uses a smoky whisky (try one from soft smoke or Deep Peat) to change the flavour profile. Then just add hot water and some brown sugar to keep things simple, or pimp it up with honey, lemon, cloves, and cinnamon.




50ml smoky whisky 

100ml hot water

½ tsp brown sugar

Lemon slice

3 tsp honey (if desired)

Cinnamon stick (if you have one)

Cloves (if you know what they are!)




Fill a (heatproof) glass with whisky, add sugar and hot water to taste...

Then sit back and feel the warmth!

Smoky Down
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