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We are proud to work with some of the finest distilleries in India and Goa to bring our customers a handpicked selection of the very best of Indian and Goan whisky. 


At The Whisky Nest, our aim is to make it easier to buy the finest Indian whisky: that’s why we work with handpicked whisky distilleries to source the best Indian and Goan whisky and bring it to our online shop.

We champion The Paul John distillery which is situated in the tropical Goa region of Southern India. Using Indian 6-row barley, they produce a whisky with lots of tropical fruit, nutty and spicy notes are there to be enjoyed. This expertly-crafted Goan whisky guarantees to impress the experienced whisky drinker whilst also enticing the novices into the world of Indian and Goan whisky. 


If you’re looking to discover new Indian whisky brands, or to buy Indian whisky online, The Whisky Nest is the destination of choice for the very best Indian and Goan whisky. 

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