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We are proud to work with some of the finest distilleries in New Zealand to bring our customers a handpicked selection of the very best of New Zealand whisky.


At The Whisky Nest, our aim is to make it easier to buy the finest New Zealand whisky: that’s why we work with handpicked whisky distilleries to source the best New Zealand whisky and bring it to our online shop.

We’ve selected our favourite New Zealand whiskies from distilleries that we know and love, resulting in a curated collection that guarantees to impress the experienced whisky drinker whilst also enticing the novices into the world of New Zealand whisky. The beautiful Southern Alps of New Zealand are the ultimate alpine playground, providing an awesome setting and an abundance of natural resources: the ideal setting for creating New Zealand whisky. The Cardrona Distillery in New Zealand takes advantage of these natural resources, using them as the base of their spirits. 

If you’re looking to discover New Zealand whisky brands, or to buy New Zealand whisky online, The Whisky Nest is the destination of choice for the very best New Zealand whisky. 

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