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Coachbuilt Blended Scotch Whisky - Enjoy The Journey

The new world of whisky for us is all about removing outdated misconceptions and our next step on The Journey is because of my own beliefs about blended whisky and celebrity endorsements. Although I am a big Formula 1 fan, I was sceptical when I first heard about Jenson Button getting involved with whisky. But then I tried it and was blown away… Coachbuilt whisky aims to catapult the entire Scotch Blended Whisky category and showcase the craft and skill involved in blending premium products.

Bottle of Coachbuilt Whisky in the seat of a classic car

The Story

The concept behind Coachbuilt Whisky was built on the desire to elevate the blended Scotch whisky category by producing a more elegant and sophisticated spirit to capture the interests of both whisky lovers and non-whisky drinkers. There are parallels between the skill, art and workmanship required in building high-end cars and whisky blending, so the partnership of a whisky expert and a master of the automobile was the perfect match to bring Coachbuilt blended Whisky to life.

“Both coachbuilding and whisky blending require numerous components from different producers, both need extreme skill and expertise to be put together, and both need continuous refining to turn in to something beautiful.”


A bottle of Coachbuilt on a bar next to a long serve

The Founders

George Koutsakis is originally from Scotland but is now fully emersed in the world of whisky having spent many years within the industry as an expert journalist, writing for titles including Forbes and the Financial Times, working in auction houses in Hong Kong, trading whisky as an investment across the globe and consulting for some of the world’s largest whisky brands in both Japan and Europe.

If you are a keen Formula 1 fan, like me, then Jenson Button needs no introduction, but if you haven’t heard of him, then here is quick summary: One of the smoothest driver styles in F1 and a master in wet racing conditions, he had a career in F1 that spanned 18-years, 306 races, 50 podiums, 15 wins and 1 world championship! Since retiring from F1, he has driven in several other series, including the Le Mans 24-hour race, is a tv personality and is involved in a lot of charitable work that includes his own Trust and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Together, they utilise years of knowledge from both industries to drive a partnership that focuses on changing the game and propelling Coachbuilt Blended Scotch Whisky along with the entire Blended Whisky category as more premium products.

Jenson Button looking down at a bottle of Coachbuilt, whilst standing in a cask warehouse

The Process

With the ambition to shift long-held assumptions about blended Scotch whisky, Coachbuilt set about refining each and every component of the blending process and piecing them together with extreme skill and craftmanship. Therefore, to create a true premium Scotch blend they decided to amalgamate both malt and grain whisky from the five iconic regions within Scotland; capturing the subtleties of the Lowlands, the smoothness of the Highlands, the full, robust flavours associated with Campbeltown, the fruitiness of Speyside, and the rich smoke from Islay. The quantities of each are meticulously calculated to achieve a perfect balance, with whiskies aged between 5 to 15 years being selected, before a further 6 to 8 months maturation in ex-sherry oak casks to produce a full-bodied and complex whisky.

A bar tender offering a whisky cocktail with two bottle of Coachbuilt on the bar

The Whisky

Coachbuilt Whisky Build No.001 their flagship whisky and is a perfect blend of malt and grain whisky from five iconic regions of Scotland: Highlands, Lowlands, Campbeltown, Speyside and Islay. Blending the right quantities of each and then maturing in ex-sherry oak casks, they have created a premium blended whisky that is perfectly balanced, full bodied and complex with notes of summer fruits, spice, toffee, raisin chocolate and a hint of smoke. This has become one of our favourite whiskies and is perfect neat but also works really well in a classic highball with soda water, as well as enjoyed in a variety of your favourite cocktails with Coachbuilt offering several delightful alternatives to some modern day classics.

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