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Reward for the explorer

The new world of whisky is all about doing things a different way; respecting tradition whilst exploring the boundaries of flavor using an adventurous approach to blending, ageing and finishing. Our next Feature takes us to Limerick in Ireland to explore Sailor’s Home; an innovative, contemporary and premium Irish whiskey.

The Place

Inspired by the rugged and untamed Wild Atlantic Way on the west coast of Ireland, Sailor’s Home is about a passion to explore, a unique relationship with the sea, and a respect for tradition whilst forging new and innovative approaches. The original Sailor’s Home, built in 1856, was meant to offer a welcoming shelter for the International seafaring community, but never opened due to racism, fears and distrust. Today, the Sailor’s Home company stands for tolerance, diversity, positive change, and respect for others.

The Master Whiskey Maker

A true master of his art, Dr. Jack O’Se recently earned his Doctorate in fermentation, which demonstrates his passion for learning, teaching and distilling within the Irish whiskey industry that has spanned over 40-years. Marrying his passions of the scientist and the artist, Sailor’s Home has been a labour of love as Jack strived to create new whiskeys that are made in Ireland, shaped by the world, with a generous sprinkling of inspiration. “… It’s been amazing to work with these liquids, being adventurous with flavours… We look to explore and go beyond, so that a new generation of Irish whiskey drinkers can join us along this journey of discovery.”

Made in Ireland, but shaped by the world

Master Whisky Maker Dr. Jack O’Se places flavor above all else, pushing the boundaries on distilling, blending, ageing and finishing. He focuses on the native personality of Irish whiskey; using the breadth of flavor possibilities from Irish malt, pot stills, and blends aged between 4 and 24 years old. Then demonstrates his bold and adventurous style with the range of international casks he uses for maturation and finishing; from virgin oak, ex-bourbon, sherry, cognac and rum casks.

The Distillery

Under the watchful eye of Dr. Jack O’Se, The Journey and Haven are sourced, distilled, aged, blended and finished at the Great Northern Distillery, Co. Louth, where there is a focus on quality and sustainability. The distillery has ambitious, 5-year sustainability targets and participates in the Bord Bia Origin Green Sustainability Charter Programme. The Horizon was distilled at the Cooley Distillery, a former potato alcohol plant that was bought and converted in 1987 by John Teeling. It now has 2 pot stills and 3 column stills and is owned by Beam Suntory.

The Spirits

This is Irish whiskey, but not what you might expect, with a focus on bringing new whiskeys to the market, taking aficionados and cocktail lovers on a new flavourful journey. Consisting of three distinct expressions, all linked by the desire to explore the boundaries of flavour.

The Journey - Your new go-to whiskey. No other Irish whiskey is made like this and reflects their passion to create unique, delicious whiskey experiences. It was also awarded Gold in the 2021 International Spirits Challenge.

The Haven - Their 1st release, a single pot, triple distilled Irish whiskey that captures the old and the new world with maturation in carefully selected Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks and American ex-Bourbon casks.

The Horizon - A two part blend of 11-year old grain whiskey and 14-year old malt, aged in American bourbon barrels, before finishing in Barbados rum casks for a minimum of 6-months. A great sipping Irish whiskey that is complex and moreish.

The Bottle

The bottle shape was inspired by the window profile of the original Sailor’s Home built in 1856. The decanter style neck and large engraved wood cork give it a more contemporary feel and creates a special drinking experience. The logo symbolizes the doorway of the Sailor’s Home and reinforces the brand essence of ‘reward for the explorer.’ Various symbols found on the bottle and in the companies branding were all taken from the coat of arms from the original Sailor’s Home, which reinforce many key messages:

  • The Bird - good tidings, close to home and family

  • Anchor - Steadfastness and good luck

  • Sailor’s Rope & Knot - Bonds of friendship & love

  • Shamrock - perpetuity, flower of Ireland

  • Sextant - Adventure & navigation

  • Diving Helmet - Exploring at the limits of possibility

Sailor’s Home The Journey

An award winning Irish whiskey that is unlike any other, it blends two whiskeys; the first aged in virgin casks that are then recasked in to bourbon casks, the second is malt Irish whiskey aged in Bourbon and finished in Jamaican Rum Casks. All this provides notes of tropical fruits, rum, toffee, a malty depth and with a sweet finish.

Sailor’s Home The Haven

A mashbill of malted and unmalted barley sees the addition of oats that then gains the classic spice of all great pot still whiskeys. This is then matured in ex-bourbon and Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks for 4 and half years. Notes of spice, cream, roasted almonds, vanilla and ripe black fruits.

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